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Chloe and the Villager walked down the path away from the village(He had to stop to inform a humanoid dog(Apparently named Isabelle) about his departure). A butterfly fluttered past them(She knew all too well what this meant from her time in Arcadia Bay). She braced herself for something to happen, but the Villager just ran off and caught it in his net. 

A bit farther down the road they came to a party of about 4 people: A huge, muscular man wearing a gas mask and carrying an axe made out of a buzzsaw, a girl who looked no older than 12, a young boy with blond hair, and another girl with what looked like red wings on her back. The man gave a start of recognition and stepped towards her, but the Villager took him aside. They conversed for a bit, then the man hung his head in apparent disappointment. Wendy explained this to Chloe. "Krieg's been looking for someone he calls "blue tattoo." He thought you were her." She extended her hand. "I'm Wendy Marvell, and these guys," She motioned to the others, "Are Lucas," She pointed to the blond haired boy. "Nina," She pointed to the girl with the wings. "And Krieg." She indicated the man. 

Villager and Krieg made fast friends. Soon the night fell and they had to set up camp. Villager took out his axe and chopped down a tree for firewood, and then they got to work setting up a tent(Which Villager had in his pocket for some reason.). After everything was set up, Krieg took a deep breath and breathed fire over the logs, lighting them. He then went and sat on the stump of the tree that had been chopped down. They used a couple of leftover logs as seats. Lucas handed Chloe some beef jerky, and they ate, while Krieg left to look for more food. 

After a while, Lucas began to cry. Chloe looked up. "What's the matter, kid?"

"I miss my mom..."

"Well, we're all looking-"

"No, you don't get it..."

Then it hit her. "Actually, I get it completely. My dad died too." She hugged him. "Look, kid, it's alright to cry."

Wendy looked up sleepily. "What's going on?"

"It's Lucas. He misses his mom."

A few minutes later Krieg came back with some sort of giant bug slung over his back. Chloe recoiled in disgust, but then remembered how hungry she was and figured beggars couldn't be choosers. The creature actually smelled nice, like grilling steak. 

They worked together to remove any stray rocks and dirt from the belly of the bug, then dug in. It sounded cliche even in Chloe's head, but it really did taste like chicken. When she asked Krieg what it was, he just shrugged. Villager held out a dusty cookbook he had found labeled Louie's Notes and pointed to its picture. "Armored Cannon Larva..."

Whatever. It tasted good, even if it was a bug. 
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Submitted on
September 27, 2015