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I picked up this game a couple days ago and let me just say this is quite possibly the best zombie game, for one reason: combo weapons. Here are some of the things everyday items and some duct tape can make in this game:

A light saber. (Gems+Flashlight)

A pair of Wolverine claws. (Boxing Gloves+Bowie Knife)

An air horn that makes zombies' heads explode and kills looters instantly(Pylon+Spray Paint)

A guitar that also makes zombies' heads explode (Electric Guitar+Amplifier)

and a deadly poking device that is amazing against bosses thanks to how quickly the attack comes out(Power Drill+Spear).

If you have an Xbox 360, I'd highly suggest picking up a copy.
Chloe and the Villager walked down the path away from the village(He had to stop to inform a humanoid dog(Apparently named Isabelle) about his departure). A butterfly fluttered past them(She knew all too well what this meant from her time in Arcadia Bay). She braced herself for something to happen, but the Villager just ran off and caught it in his net. 

A bit farther down the road they came to a party of about 4 people: A huge, muscular man wearing a gas mask and carrying an axe made out of a buzzsaw, a girl who looked no older than 12, a young boy with blond hair, and another girl with what looked like red wings on her back. The man gave a start of recognition and stepped towards her, but the Villager took him aside. They conversed for a bit, then the man hung his head in apparent disappointment. Wendy explained this to Chloe. "Krieg's been looking for someone he calls "blue tattoo." He thought you were her." She extended her hand. "I'm Wendy Marvell, and these guys," She motioned to the others, "Are Lucas," She pointed to the blond haired boy. "Nina," She pointed to the girl with the wings. "And Krieg." She indicated the man. 

Villager and Krieg made fast friends. Soon the night fell and they had to set up camp. Villager took out his axe and chopped down a tree for firewood, and then they got to work setting up a tent(Which Villager had in his pocket for some reason.). After everything was set up, Krieg took a deep breath and breathed fire over the logs, lighting them. He then went and sat on the stump of the tree that had been chopped down. They used a couple of leftover logs as seats. Lucas handed Chloe some beef jerky, and they ate, while Krieg left to look for more food. 

After a while, Lucas began to cry. Chloe looked up. "What's the matter, kid?"

"I miss my mom..."

"Well, we're all looking-"

"No, you don't get it..."

Then it hit her. "Actually, I get it completely. My dad died too." She hugged him. "Look, kid, it's alright to cry."

Wendy looked up sleepily. "What's going on?"

"It's Lucas. He misses his mom."

A few minutes later Krieg came back with some sort of giant bug slung over his back. Chloe recoiled in disgust, but then remembered how hungry she was and figured beggars couldn't be choosers. The creature actually smelled nice, like grilling steak. 

They worked together to remove any stray rocks and dirt from the belly of the bug, then dug in. It sounded cliche even in Chloe's head, but it really did taste like chicken. When she asked Krieg what it was, he just shrugged. Villager held out a dusty cookbook he had found labeled Louie's Notes and pointed to its picture. "Armored Cannon Larva..."

Whatever. It tasted good, even if it was a bug. 
(Got the urge to write, so here we go)

I heard a knock on my door shortly after putting the finishing touches on a potion to ease a troublesome head cold that the king was suffering from. "Who is it? I'm rather busy, so let's keep it quick."

A guard stepped in. "You must report to the throne room at once. We have a visitor."

"no doubt another one of the princess's suitors. There seems to be no end to them. I'll be down in a minute."

I filled several bottles from the cauldron, then magicked the rest away.

Once I reached the throne room, I took my seat next to the king. "So what business do you have here?"

"I wish to marry the princess."

The prince before us had a rather boyish face, but beneath that I sensed something greater. He wouldn't have looked like much to an ordinary person, but I could sense an immense strength in his core. The queen turned to me.

"What do you think?"

"I think we ought to test him. I ran out of potion grade bone meal recently, so I could use some help getting more. Certainly someone worthy of the princess's hand would be able to take care of a few skeletons. Depending on how he measures up, we'll go from there. Tell me, your Highness, what is your name?"


"Well then, Prince Alex, come down to my study. I'll fill you in."

We walked down the corridor towards the study. "All I need you to do is keep the animated skeletons away from me while I gather the bones of the dead ones. You can keep whatever treasure you find; I only care about the bone meal. I'd suggest you borrow a mace from one of the guards, it'll do a much better job here than that rapier of yours. Also, be careful, those skeletons pack more of a punch than you would think something without muscles could."

I gathered up my bags. "I know this seems like busy work, but we need to make sure that the princess's groom-to-be is up to snuff. Speaking of which..."

I rang for a servant, and when he got there I handed him a bottle of the potion. "Take that to the king. Have him drink every drop, no matter how much he complains about the taste."

I buttoned my traveling cloak and motioned for Prince Alex to follow me.

As we approached the gates, he spoke. "So where are we going?"

"Good question! There is an old graveyard with everything we need. However, there are undead jealously guarding it, hence why I need you with me. I have to harvest the bones immediately after a skeleton dies so they retain their magic, and the anti-decay spell takes time and focus to use."

After a while, we reached the graveyard. I took a spade out of a pocket in my cloak, then dug in front of one of the graves.

Immediately a number of skeletons burst from the ground. I blasted one with a fireball, and it fell apart. I began the spell to preserve the bones.

Behind me I could hear the cracking of dry bones and the occasional grunt of pain from Alex. After about 10 minutes of this, the spell was complete, and I called for him to run for it. I ran behind him and blasted the pursuers away.

"Huh. Seems you're a cut above the usual louts His Majesty sends my way. Most princes are squeamish about actually fighting."

When we arrived back, I dumped the bones in my study and went to the banquet hall.

Over dinner, we discussed what happened. "He's not afraid to get his hands dirty, I'll give him that. First escort I've had in months where my spell went uninterrupted. If he wasn't above my station, I'd take him in as my apprentice. I turned to Alex.

"So what do you say? Are you up for something more dangerous tomorrow?"

He nodded.
(Possible Life is Strange spoilers ahead)
Levy and Ness continued their run towards the floating ruins when something zinged past Levy's ear. She turned around.

Standing before her was a tall, bespectacled man with a goatee and a gun. He took aim again. "You're supposed to be dead!"

Points and Shoots

Whatever he was going to say next was cut off by Ness's shout. "PK THUNDER!"

But instead of directing the lightning towards the man, he arced it around behind him and hit himself, electrifying him and propelling him forward. He struck the man square in the stomach, sending him flying back. He landed, but instead of continuing the fight, he pointed at them, and a multitude of purple orbs gathered and began forming into the same strange humanoids they had fought earlier. While they were busy fighting, the man escaped. 

They were becoming overwhelmed. Ness tried to shield Levy with his PSI Magnet, but it could only take so much damage before he had to cancel it.

Up above, a trio of fighters were watching the battle unfold. Shulk looked at Max. "We should probably help them. They might know what happened to Fiora and that Chloe girl you were on about."

She nodded. The trio jumped down from the cliff face and started hacking, bashing, and blasting their way through the army of creatures. 

Once enough of them had been cleared, they formed into a giant creature. Shulk called out. "Alright! Max! Homura! Time for a chain attack!"

They all began their assault on the giant enemy, Homura lobbing explosives left and right, Max attempting to stun it by hitting its head with the pipe, and Shulk performing various strange attacks with his sword.

Soon the giant had fallen, and Ness and Levy rushed up to meet them. They introduced themselves, and asked each other about the people they were searching for. Levy described the man that had tried to kill her, and Max gave a start of recognition. "He probably thought you were Chloe! That's Mark Jefferson, my teacher. Well, he was, anyway. Where'd he go?"

Levy shrugged. "He must have escaped while we were busy dealing with those things."

As they talked, they noticed the airship getting closer to the floating island... 

If you haven’t done so already, download the VX Ace RTP here:…

Version 1.6 Download:…

Added Hailstorm Hinterland

Decided to do some for Fairy Tail characters

Hotheaded Pokemon
Ability: Tough Claws
Fire Punch
Dragon Dance
Thunder Punch

Scrapper Pokemon
Ability: Defiant
Cosmic Power
Aqua Ring
Focus Punch

Superpower Pokemon
Ability: Sheer Force
Shadow Sneak
Bulk Up
Dragon Claw
Flash Cannon

Scribe Pokemon
Ability: Protean
Heat Wave
Rock Slide
Air Slash
Drill Run

Cleric Pokemon
Ability: Healer
Helping Hand
Heal Bell
Dragon Pulse

Plate Mail Pokemon
Ability: Filter
Bullet Punch
Close Combat
Swords Dance
Iron Defense

Will come up with more as I get further into the anime
Krieg and Wendy finally reached the other side of the facility. They could see windows with light streaming in from outside. At around the same time, Lucas came into the room as well, dragging an unconscious Nina behind him on his back. He gave a yelp of fright when Krieg turned around, but Wendy quickly explained what was going on. Krieg began banging on the door trying to get it to open. Lucas handed Nina to Wendy and went over to help him. He first heated up the door with PK Fire, then quickly cooled it with PK Freeze, making it brittle and weak. Then Krieg pulled out some dynamite, fastened it to the door, lit the fuse, then grabbed the other three and jumped behind some cover. The dynamite completely demolished the door, the noise waking Nina up, and the four stepped out into the light outside.

Lucas set Nina down on a soft-looking bed of flowers and sat down to catch his breath. Already she was looking better as a result of the fresh air.

They introduced themselves and began planning what to do next. Wendy wanted to find Gajeel and Levy, and Krieg yelled some incoherent words about an ice queen and a man made of blue metal, pointing at the mountain as he did so. They decided that scaling the mountain was their best bet. They began the long, treacherous path up the mountain...

Meanwhile, Homura and Max had arrived on the plain. Max instinctively took a picture, and then the two of them set off.

They stopped when they encountered a large, muscular bearded man who looked like he was at least half machine.

Gears Up

He spotted them and pulled out an enormous cannon, which began charging.

A blond boy hiding in the tall grass saw a vision of a girl being transfixed by an arrow-shaped blast of energy. He leapt out of the grass, shouting "BACK SLASH!"

Foresees a Fight

His blade caught Wilhelm squarely between the shoulder blades, knocking him down. He turned around, but Shulk had already kicked the cannon out of his hands, jumped, and slashed it in two. It landed, its scrapped pieces sparking. Amid the confusion, Wilhelm had managed to escape. 

The boy hoisted his sword up onto his shoulder. "I'm really feeling it!"

Homura and Max looked at him. The atmosphere had suddenly become awkward.

"Right. Um... I'm Shulk. And you are?"

"Max Caulfield."

"Homura Akemi."

"Right then. Have you seen a girl named Fiora? She went missing a while ago."

They shook their heads.
A girl felt herself returning to life in a flash of light. She sat up, stretching her tattooed arms and straightening her hat.

Makes a Picture Perfect Entry

She looked around. She was in what appeared to be a colorful village, completely different from her usual surroundings. A smiling boy with brown hair was standing over her. He wore a red T shirt with a number 1 on it and a pair of black shorts.

Comes to Town

He helped her up.

"Where am I?" she asked. The boy said nothing, but motioned for her to follow him. She didn't trust this, but followed him anyway since there didn't seem to be anything else to do here. As they walked, the boy went over to a nearby orange tree and shook it, causing the fruit to fall down. He picked up two of them and pocketed them and handed the third to her. She peeled it and ate it. He seemed to be the only human in the village, as the rest of the villagers were humanoid animals. One would occasionally wave to him, which he would return. 

Man, I'm kind of jealous of this kid, he's got it made. she thought. Eventually they came to a house with a red tile roof. He opened the door and motioned for her to come inside.

Inside, the house was a cozy place with all the amenities one might need. For some reason, there were also several statues with disc-shaped gold bases. As she watched, he pulled another one out of his pocket and placed it in a space between the two he already had. It looked like some sort of spider robot. She sat down on an armchair. He put on a pot of tea and went to sit down opposite her.

"Have you seen Max?"

The boy looked puzzled.

"Brown haired girl, carries a camera everywhere, too nice for her own good?"

He shook his head, looking sort of sad. Then he brightened. He started grabbing things out of a closet and shoving them into his pockets. They were rather ordinary things like a butterfly net, a watering can, a satchel of seeds, and a shovel, and she was surprised he could fit all of them into his pockets. When he had grabbed the last item(an axe), she spoke up.

"Are you going to help me look for her?"

He nodded, still smiling. The tea was ready, so he brought her a cup along with some cream and sugar. She drank it straight up.

When they had finished, they left the house, with Chloe wondering why he was being so nice to her...
(This fic certainly is strange, isn't it? Not unlike life in general)

A girl with short brown hair stood in a junkyard. Something had gone wrong with her attempts to time travel back to the start of the week, and now she was stuck here.

She's Seen Stranger

The sky had turned a dark, swirling black. Her time travel had never had this problem before, as she had always been able to move back in time successfully before. She looked around. What could be causing this?

She soon had her answer. She felt the ground shudder as something heavy materialized and landed behind her. She turned around. 

Means Business

The heavy thing that landed seemed to be an enormous spider-like vehicle built around a bed. The pilot was a round, sickly-looking old man. A ball of energy appeared above the vehicle, and a single bolt of white-hot electricity shot out of it towards Max, narrowly missing her head and singeing her hair. She looked frantically around in one of the junk piles for some sort of weapon, eventually pulling out a long metal pipe. The man inside gave a wheezy, sputtering laugh. She swung as hard as she could, but seemed unable to even dent the spider mech. It bore down on her, one of its sharp legs mere inches from her sternum...

When it was suddenly flung back by the force of an explosion. A girl landed in front of her.

Throws Them For a Loop

When the smoke cleared, Max saw the girl was holding a bomb. She lit the fuse and threw it at the mech, which was flung back into a nearby pile of junk. Max watched the two of them fight for a while, until another bolt of lightning narrowly missed her. She took a chance. While Porky was distracted, she climbed a nearby pile and jumped on top of the mech. Once on top she shoved the pipe into a spinning part that appeared to be a generator. The pipe snagged, shutting down the generator and causing the mech to fall over motionless. It solidified and shrinked, a golden disk forming under it. 

"Thank you." the girl said, dusting herself off. "You are?"

"Um, Max."

"Homura Akemi."

The two girls exchanged an awkward handshake. "Where are we?"

"I do not know. But you are looking for someone, yes?"

"I'll tell you about it while we look for a way out."
I'd probably get shat on by Tumblr for appropriating the word yugen if it's as important to Japanese culture as I've been lead to believe, so I'm going to change it to Mud Bug Studios(This will be a perfect opportunity to test out a new script I've found, too.

EDIT: Mud Bug Studios is taken, I'll have to come up with something else.
(Naturally, I'd put the two biggest cinnamon rolls in the fic together. By the way, Nina is really like this in the game she's from)

A small, timid boy with blond hair hid behind a strange machine as Krieg and Wendy ran past. He thought back to how he had ended up down here and thought it must have had something to do with his PK abilities.

Comes Out of Nowhere

It certainly was a scary place. Strange machines lined the hall he was in, each of which had what looked like a headless, winged girl floating in a glass tube. It reminded him of the way Porky had had his army modify the animals in the Nowhere Islands, making them stronger and more savage. This brought back bad memories, though, so he pushed it out of his mind.

He walked for what felt like forever, jumping at every small noise, until he came upon what looked like the wreck of a train that had fallen from far above him. Sticking out of the cargo container of the scrapped train was another glass tube like the ones in the machines, but this one was different. The girl inside this one was fully formed, and looked to be about his age. He sat down debating what he should do before finally taking out a stick and smashing the glass tube open.

The girl fell out of the tube, landed on the ground, and laid motionless for a second before coughing and looking up at him. He flinched, but then looked back. Her large, blue eyes were staring into his, and his PSI picked up on the fact that she was just as scared as he was. 

Spells Out Trouble

He helped her up. "I-I'm Lucas. What's your name?"

The girl seemed to have trouble speaking. "Ni... Na..." 

When she spoke, he noticed that she didn't seem to have a tongue. He wondered what had happened to her to put her in this state. She was frail and sickly, she looked malnourished, and she seemed to have overall been extremely neglected. Her wings gave off a slight sparkle as she moved, and she coughed frequently.

His PSI picked up something. There was a mass of some kind of evil moving their way. His resolve hardened from meeting Nina, Lucas readied himself. 

When it got to them, it manifested as a large group of green humanoids with red eyes. 

As he fought, he noticed that there were what looked like pentagrams forming on the floor around him, and whenever an enemy stepped on one, it was incinerated in a blast of fire. When he looked behind him, he saw that Nina was twirling a staff and muttering some strange words.

Soon the horde of creatures was all gone, and Nina collapsed, the battle having obviously taken a lot out of her. He caught her, and with some difficulty hoisted her onto his back(She looked light, but those manacles she wore around her wrists and ankles weighed a ton). He walked further into the tunnel...
If you haven't done so already, download the VX Ace RTP here:…

Version 1.5 Download:…

Added Eliza, the Spellblade!
Added Festering Factory
overhauled the items, adding things like item weight, an item storage system, and item crafting
Increased drop rates for items required to craft restorative items
Added Kaboom!, a minigame similar to Space Invaders.
Increased the level cap to 150
So reports have come in revealing that Halley's Comet has been revealed to be a winged pig and is currently drawing out the winning lottery numbers with its tail. And in even less likely news, Nintendo has finally decided to make the first Mother game available to us gaijin here in the West via the Wii U Virtual Console.

At E3 this year they announced Earthbound Beginnings, the English version of Mother, the first in a trilogy of games centering on apple-cheeked small town hero boys in their quest to punch out an Eldritch alien demon named Giygas. Having played and thoroughly enjoyed Earthbound, I'm overjoyed for this release on the Virtual Console.
Because I'm a stupid bonehead I decided to google "autistic people are" and this is what showed up in the bottom under "related searches"
Untitled by WildWestPyro

Now, those of you who I'm close to will no doubt have heard that I'm on the autism spectrum(albeit high functioning). Only one of those things is positive. 

Is this really what people think of me? That I'm a demon? and a selfish, rude, mean, weird, annoying, useless demon at that? This coupled with how often "autistic" is used as an insult makes things worse. I've been wanting to die off and on for a while, and while medication helps, it doesn't make it go away entirely, and it's constantly at the back of my mind, just on a slow boil. It builds and builds and I'm afraid I'm going to do something that ends with me in a psych ward again or worse.

Why do people like me get shat on so much?
A girl with blue hair looked over the hole where the ruins had once stood.

Signs In

When Levy had last seen Gajeel and Wendy, Gajeel had gone into the ruins, and soon after, they lifted off from the ground and flew away. Wendy, taken by surprise, had tumbled into the hole they left behind. Levy had thought of going in after Wendy, but it looked like a really long drop, so she decided to look for another entrance. She had been climbing for hours when she stumbled on the ruins of what looked like a large city. She could see the floating ruins Gajeel was in on the horizon, and there seemed to be an airship approaching them.

The ground shook behind her. She looked back, and an enormous statue was making its way towards her. It had strangely long arms and short legs, but it was approaching quickly. She began running, since any attacks she used on the statue just bounced off. 

After running for what felt like ages, she tripped on a stray tree root and fell down. The statue was still approaching, and she braced herself for whatever might happen next.


A ball of lightning shot from somewhere near her, struck the statue square in the chest, and knocked it over backwards. It fell with a thunderous crash, and when she looked up a boy floated softly down in front of her, wearing a red cap and striped shirt.

Brains over Brawn

The statue stood up again, and resumed its attack.


A green orb flew out of Ness's chest and intercepted the statue. There was a pause before the statue exploded into stone fragments. 

Ness turned to Levy and helped her up. 

She was about to ask him where they were when a group of strange green humanoids jumped at Ness. Levy used Solid Script: Fire to blast them away. 

They proceeded through the ruined city towards the floating ruins...
I recently went to a convention to drum up interest for my game, and it was the best 3 days of the year so far. I got to meet a Japanese band called 7!! that did one of the openings for Naruto(I think the song itself was called "Lovers"), and when I handed them my business card with the Tumblr blog's URL, one of the guys translated what I said and it elicited a "sugoi" from the girls in the band. It was actually kind of funny to think that a band that did an opening for one of the most successful anime in the world was impressed by me making a game in RPG Maker. So yeah, there was much internal fanboying on my part when I heard their reactions, it was very touching. I also got to meet J Michael Tatum(He voiced France in Hetalia and Kyoya in OHSHC, as well as Sir Hammerlock in Borderlands 2), and I took a lot of photos. I managed to score myself the Splatoon Amiibo three pack, something I had just about given up on getting, as well as a Figma of Mami from Madoka Magica and a bowie knife that looks like the Bushwacka from TF2.
In 1.5, along with item crafting and the Spellblade, will introduce a new concept: Items that give temporary stat boosts when used. The boost is 25% of the user's stat being boosted, it lasts for 30 seconds and a second drink cannot be used while one is currently in effect. The current items are Megaton Martini, which increases melee damage, Bunker Bourbon, which increases melee resistance, Chernobyl Chardonnay, which increases spell/ranged damage, and Leadskin Lager, which increases spell resistance.

The names are all nuclear terms because Stage 6 is one big Fallout reference.
If you haven't done it already, install the VX Ace Runtime Package here:…

Versions 1.4.0 and later will not run unless the Runtime Package is installed. I have done this to decrease file size for the game itself.…

Added Misty Mineshaft

Added custom HUDs for each of the characters

Updated the splash screen

Fixed a bunch of bugs

Added Beastfolk Village
Elsa and Megaman each grabbed a device off of one of the dead engineers before they headed through the door that had opened. Megaman synced their frequencies up so they could talk if they got separated.

Through the blast door was a flight of stairs. They descended the steps, and eventually reached what looked like an empty train platform that had been abandoned for at least a year. 

They hopped onto the tracks and began to follow them. After a while, Krieg gave a start, picked up Elsa and Megaman, and threw them onto a crag of rock jutting out from the wall. Not five seconds after, a train came hurtling by and knocked Krieg off the tracks and into the pit opposite them. Elsa gave a shout and tried to go after him, but he had already disappeared from view.

Krieg fell for what felt like hours. Well, I suppose sacrificing yourself for a beautiful woman isn't such a bad way to go... his inner voice said to himself.

Meanwhile, in the shaft below, a young girl of about 12 was wandering around lost.

Big Power in a Small Package

She, Gajeel, and Levy had gotten separated, and Wendy was scared. The waste shaft she was in was cold and dark, and every so often she would catch a glimpse of something very large scuttling around. She didn't even have her Exceed companion to keep her company. 

She felt something behind her. It was a huge creature, almost invisible except for a pair of bulbous, glowing blue eyes and antennae with glowing tips.

What you don't know CAN hurt you

The creature made a chittering sound, then started forward. Just as it was bearing down on her, though, it let out a hiss of pain as something very heavy landed on top of it.

Krieg got up, dusted himself off, and immediately turned his attention to the creature. It let out a roar, and charged him. He swung again and again, trying to fend off the creature. When it was evident that it was going to overpower him, Wendy used her Sky Dragon's Roar, blasting the creature into the wall and knocking it out.

She helped him up, and he grabbed his weapon off the ground. He looked up, then at Wendy. She looked back, and then he pointed towards the tunnel she was going to go through. She nodded, and they set off deeper into the shaft...…

To save space on Google Drive, I will no longer be packaging the RTP with the game in future versions of the beta. Instead, I will be providing a second link in the posts to install the RTP separately. This will help cut down on file size so I can host more versions of the game before I start having to pay for space.