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(Got the urge to write, so here we go)

I heard a knock on my door shortly after putting the finishing touches on a potion to ease a troublesome head cold that the king was suffering from. "Who is it? I'm rather busy, so let's keep it quick."

A guard stepped in. "You must report to the throne room at once. We have a visitor."

"no doubt another one of the princess's suitors. There seems to be no end to them. I'll be down in a minute."

I filled several bottles from the cauldron, then magicked the rest away.

Once I reached the throne room, I took my seat next to the king. "So what business do you have here?"

"I wish to marry the princess."

The prince before us had a rather boyish face, but beneath that I sensed something greater. He wouldn't have looked like much to an ordinary person, but I could sense an immense strength in his core. The queen turned to me.

"What do you think?"

"I think we ought to test him. I ran out of potion grade bone meal recently, so I could use some help getting more. Certainly someone worthy of the princess's hand would be able to take care of a few skeletons. Depending on how he measures up, we'll go from there. Tell me, your Highness, what is your name?"


"Well then, Prince Alex, come down to my study. I'll fill you in."

We walked down the corridor towards the study. "All I need you to do is keep the animated skeletons away from me while I gather the bones of the dead ones. You can keep whatever treasure you find; I only care about the bone meal. I'd suggest you borrow a mace from one of the guards, it'll do a much better job here than that rapier of yours. Also, be careful, those skeletons pack more of a punch than you would think something without muscles could."

I gathered up my bags. "I know this seems like busy work, but we need to make sure that the princess's groom-to-be is up to snuff. Speaking of which..."

I rang for a servant, and when he got there I handed him a bottle of the potion. "Take that to the king. Have him drink every drop, no matter how much he complains about the taste."

I buttoned my traveling cloak and motioned for Prince Alex to follow me.

As we approached the gates, he spoke. "So where are we going?"

"Good question! There is an old graveyard with everything we need. However, there are undead jealously guarding it, hence why I need you with me. I have to harvest the bones immediately after a skeleton dies so they retain their magic, and the anti-decay spell takes time and focus to use."

After a while, we reached the graveyard. I took a spade out of a pocket in my cloak, then dug in front of one of the graves.

Immediately a number of skeletons burst from the ground. I blasted one with a fireball, and it fell apart. I began the spell to preserve the bones.

Behind me I could hear the cracking of dry bones and the occasional grunt of pain from Alex. After about 10 minutes of this, the spell was complete, and I called for him to run for it. I ran behind him and blasted the pursuers away.

"Huh. Seems you're a cut above the usual louts His Majesty sends my way. Most princes are squeamish about actually fighting."

When we arrived back, I dumped the bones in my study and went to the banquet hall.

Over dinner, we discussed what happened. "He's not afraid to get his hands dirty, I'll give him that. First escort I've had in months where my spell went uninterrupted. If he wasn't above my station, I'd take him in as my apprentice. I turned to Alex.

"So what do you say? Are you up for something more dangerous tomorrow?"

He nodded.
Alexkarhu Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2015  Hobbyist
I love the story already. Please continue it whenever you can~
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