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(Possible Life is Strange spoilers ahead)
Levy and Ness continued their run towards the floating ruins when something zinged past Levy's ear. She turned around.

Standing before her was a tall, bespectacled man with a goatee and a gun. He took aim again. "You're supposed to be dead!"

Points and Shoots

Whatever he was going to say next was cut off by Ness's shout. "PK THUNDER!"

But instead of directing the lightning towards the man, he arced it around behind him and hit himself, electrifying him and propelling him forward. He struck the man square in the stomach, sending him flying back. He landed, but instead of continuing the fight, he pointed at them, and a multitude of purple orbs gathered and began forming into the same strange humanoids they had fought earlier. While they were busy fighting, the man escaped. 

They were becoming overwhelmed. Ness tried to shield Levy with his PSI Magnet, but it could only take so much damage before he had to cancel it.

Up above, a trio of fighters were watching the battle unfold. Shulk looked at Max. "We should probably help them. They might know what happened to Fiora and that Chloe girl you were on about."

She nodded. The trio jumped down from the cliff face and started hacking, bashing, and blasting their way through the army of creatures. 

Once enough of them had been cleared, they formed into a giant creature. Shulk called out. "Alright! Max! Homura! Time for a chain attack!"

They all began their assault on the giant enemy, Homura lobbing explosives left and right, Max attempting to stun it by hitting its head with the pipe, and Shulk performing various strange attacks with his sword.

Soon the giant had fallen, and Ness and Levy rushed up to meet them. They introduced themselves, and asked each other about the people they were searching for. Levy described the man that had tried to kill her, and Max gave a start of recognition. "He probably thought you were Chloe! That's Mark Jefferson, my teacher. Well, he was, anyway. Where'd he go?"

Levy shrugged. "He must have escaped while we were busy dealing with those things."

As they talked, they noticed the airship getting closer to the floating island... 
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